Adult Groups

Adult DBT Group

In this group members have the opportunity to make connections and share stories in a safe space. This group integrates skills from dialectical behavioral therapy including skills for mindfulness, stress tolerance, regulating emotions and healthy communication.

Women’s Empowerment Group

This group is for women looking for connection, support, and empowerment to be their healthiest self during these challenging times. In the group we will talk about the strengths and struggles of being human or a woman during this time as well as teaching and assisting clients in understanding the importance of coping skills rooted in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Therapy. The group will foster connection, practice mindfulness, and provide ways to honor and express their own emotions in healthy ways and to learn to include skills in daily life to decrease anxiety, depression, and address other struggles..

Mindful Moments of Compassion

It’s an interesting time in the world. There is ample time to sit with ourselves. This can be hard to do in some moments. It can feel lonely in some moments. This is a group for women to connect with other women during this time that feels more isolative. We will talk about creating mindful moments of compassion in relationship with ourselves, our lives, and others

Recovery Group

Recovery Group at Beyond the Mirror Counseling & Wellness

Integrating Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Behavioral Strategies and a few other steps to create wellness for Colorado Individuals. 

With increased social isolation, anxiety, and unemployment, relapse rates are on the rise. It can be harder to stay in alignment with your healthiest values for recovery. 

You are not alone! Whether you are just beginning to wonder if you are using substances, “a little too much” or if you have been in recovery for a long time, this is a group for you.

In a safe and supportive environment, you can share your stories and connect with others. 

Recovery is Possible! (Together)