Jennifer Amaral-Kunze, M.Ed, LPC, CRNC1, EMDR

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Jennifer developed Beyond the Mirror in 2006.  Her clinical experience includes extensive work with trauma, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, human sexuality, women’s issues, family therapy, teens & adults with Aspergers/Autism,  GLBTIQ issues and integrative nutrition for mental health.

Jennifer integrates a variety of techniques and perspectives from interpersonal therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical  Behavioral Therapy (DBT), mindfulness techniques, and the identification of personal values & goals to create a treatment that is tailored to each individual.

She believes in a whole body approach to mental health disorders;  In many cases, nutritional and integrative medicine can work together with &/or replace medications to decrease symptoms and support mental health.

Jennifer is a Certified Recovery Nutrition Coach with a Certification in Biochemical and Nutritional Approaches to Mental Health and Addiction Recovery.  She is currently working on her CMHIMP [Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider]

Life generously provides us with experiences & distractions that can make it challenging for us to connect with our intuition & core values. In our busy world, connecting to ourselves & others can be challenging to achieve.  Counseling is a way to create a space for the truth to present itself.  I am honored to learn from you & guide you toward what is truly important to you. Together, we can become aware of what supports you in connecting to your inner knowing- your most authentic self.”

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