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Lacking Nothing

"... in reality there's nothing anyone can give us. There's nothing we can lack. Each one of us is perfect and complete, lacking nothing... but this truth must be realized by each one of us. Great faith, great doubt, and great determination our three essentials for that realization.

~John Daidi Loori

What if you grounded yourself in the belief that you are lacking nothing. That in this moment, as imperfect as you are, you are whole. You are complete. What would be different? How might you feel? Where in your body would you feel this sensation of Wholeness?

Take a minute to bask in your wholeness. Close your eyes. Create a soft smile on your lips. Feel the sun shining on your heart. Allow your breath to release any tension. With each inhalation you create more space to hold your wholeness. With each inhalation you allow your sensation of self worth to grow. You are magnificent.

Take a minute to answer the above questions in your journal. What was your experience of the meditation? Did you feel a sense of openness? Lightness? Resistance? Shame? Allow it to be. As we move through the day continue to breathe out discomfort and breathe and the beauty of the gift that you are.

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