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Group Counseling

Group counseling is like a mini retreat for your wellness. Groups offer a space to feel heard and validated by others. Groups create a healing space to connect to community, learn new coping strategies and create a healthy and healing relationship with yourself and others. All Groups are enriched with practices including mindfulness, self-compassion, healthy communication, stress reduction, and emotional regulation. 


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Holistic Recovery

Not Your Average Recovery Path

Holistic addiction recovery is not your average path to healing. Unlike conventional approaches, holistic recovery delves deep into the root causes of addiction, helping individuals address the underlying issues while fostering overall well-being. It embraces practices like meditation, yoga, nutrition, and energy healing to empower individuals to reconnect with themselves, reduce stress, and find inner peace. Holistic addiction recovery transforms not only the way one overcomes addiction but also the way they live their life, promoting a more profound and sustainable journey toward lasting recovery.

_Young man practicing yoga. He is stretching and feels relaxed at sunset in the Swiss Alps
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