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Live Wildly And Expansively

Often, we feel pressure to conform to societal or cultural norms and expectations, and this can lead us to suppress or hide certain aspects of ourselves that we perceive as different or unconventional.

This could show up in ways that seem harmless. We may try to wear the right kind of clothes with hopes to fit in. We may act as though we know what a certain word means when really we are unsure of it's definition. We may we pretend we like football when really we would rather watch a musical.

These can seem like small and harmless things, yet little by little we hide a part of ourselves. In the hiding, if we are not careful, shame can grow. Shame can pressure us to believe that we are broken, wounded, deficient, not enough.

Shame lies.

As we move through life with these societal pressures, in some moments, it may feel "easier" to hide pieces of ourselves. We may squish the uniqueness of who we are into a little box. This can create a feeling of being caged or stuck.

In some moments, we may feel like we have no other choice than to hide. We may choose to hide to keep ourself safe. We may choose to hide to keep others safe. This is natural and human. Be kind to yourself and others if you see this pattern.

We may choose to hide our sexual orientation or gender identity, religious or spiritual beliefs, cultural or ethnic identity, political beliefs, or physical/mental health struggles. This is part of being human. We all choose to hide in some moments.

It is important to find spaces, relationships, and opportunities in which we can liberate ourselves and others. This paves a way for our more authentic selves to emerge. When one human embodies their wholeness, we all benefit.


Journal Prompt

Imagine a time when you felt free. Maybe this was yesterday. Maybe this was many years ago. Maybe it was just for a fleeting moment. What did it feel like? What did you notice in your body? What did you notice in your mind/thoughts? What emotions were you feeling?

What are examples in your life currently where you allow yourself to be liberated?

When have you engaged in a pattern of a masking?

How does masking benefit you? How does it get in the way of your freedom?

What is one small action that you can take today to feel more free?

You are a gift to the world! Yes you! We all are. Revel in this.

This blog post inspired by a quote from Alana Fairchild found in her Mother Mary Oracle Guidebook, "You are free to live wildly and expansively. There shall be no prison for your soul, beloved of mine. Your soul shall be in love with the earth and fly free.

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