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Happy Family

Family Wellness Is Within Reach

Counseling Both In-Person & Virtual

Holistic Mental Health Center

An Integrative Approach to Family Health

Welcome to Beyond the Mirror Counseling & Wellness. We are dedicated to empowering our clients to achieve and maintain optimal wellness by nurturing and treating the whole person, body, mind and spirit. We encompass an overall well-being methodology using effective, evidenced-based holistic treatment approaches to care. We lead with inclusivity and compassion. You are welcome here. 

Happy businesswoman warming up body and muscles at workplace, feeling satisfied with work

The Journey Towards Health Begins With A Commitment To Yourself. Begin Your Wellness Journey Today.

“BTM is a family owned business that genuinely cares & accommodates for each individual. It is the perfect balance of professionalism & cozy, safe community space .”

- Sofia

“The therapists are well-trained, ethical and very caring people who are passionate about the work they do.”

- Dr. Laura Burlingame-Lee

“This is the best place that I have ever gone to. I continue to be offered incredible support and I am always surrounded by love and kindness.”

- Hannah

The Wisdom of Wholeness

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