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Hi, I'm Chelsea

I'm all about turning struggles into strengths. I am here to be your ally in this wild adventure called young-adulthood. Whether you are navigating school stress, friendship troubles, or just feeling a bit lost, We can tackle the highs and lows together, discovering your strengths, resilience, and unique superpowers along the way.

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What to Expect

Navigating the teen landscape can be a rollercoaster. As a counselor dedicated to supporting teenagers, my services are tailored to address a range of challenges. Whether you're grappling with anxiety, battling the blues of depression, or wrestling with the complexities of eating disorders, I'm here to be your advocate and guide.


In our sessions, we'll explore coping strategies, foster resilience, and build a toolkit to navigate the ups and downs. I specialize in creating a safe space for discussions around mental health and offering empathetic support. I'm also here for the everyday teen stuff – friendship dramas, school pressures, family stuff, and those moments when life feels a bit overwhelming. Let's work together to turn challenges into triumphs, empowering you to thrive in your unique journey through adolescence.

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